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This past week, I had an interesting encounter. I was in a meeting where one of our local politicians was in attendance, giving a report on this individuals responsibilities. During this individuals time, it was discussed how this individual strongly disliked referendums put on the ballot by the people. Specifically, this individual did not like...

Last weekend, signs popped up all over the city in support of the G.O. Bond. There is a community meeting tomorrow evening “educating” the citizens on the bond. Unfortunately, I can’t make the meeting due to a previously scheduled obligation. I wish I could attend. I have a few questions. Like, who paid for the...

St. George City Hall is pictured on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020.

Recently, a friend of mine was found in violation of St. George City Code for having advertising flags in front of their business. You know the type. The big “teardrop” flags that you see all over town. Turns out the code enforcement officer had sent a “friendly notice”, then an actual notice. He then came...

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