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I was brought up in conservative, patriotic family. From my father who served in the Marine Corps, to my mother who volunteered with Young Republicans of Utah while attending college. From an early age I was taught God, Family, Country.

Kimball Willard

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Safeguarding Our Finances, Safeguarding Our Rights: Join Our Campaign for Budget Stability and Legal Equality.

First career was in live entertainment. Spent the last half of the 90's as the head technician for the Cox Auditorium and Burns Arena at Dixie College.

Worked in the theme park industry, working both domestically and internationally.

Majored in Computer Science, Minored in Business Computer Information Systems (Computer Networking)

Kimball's History

Kimball’s grandparents bought a small farm in Washington Fields in the 1970’s. In the late 1980’s, my family moved to Santa Clara. Due to this, Kimball graduated from Dixie Middle School, Dixie High School, and also Dixie College.

During this time, he met and married his beautiful wife, Michelle Hurd.

After working for the Dixie Center (then at Dixie College), and then for the Avenna Center. Eventually, Kimball received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Southern Utah University.

Presently, Kimball works as a Software Engineer and Network Administrator.

Kimball and Michelle have four children: Jeremy, Jessica, Taylor and Ethan. They also recently added Jessica’s husband, Kade to the family.

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