Primary Election Financial Disclosures and Gregg McArthur

October 27, 20230

When running for St. George City Council, we were notified that before the primary occurred, we would all need to submit a financial disclosure on what money was brought into the campaign, and what was spent up to that point. Fabian Oritz and Marilyn Rigby were removed from the campaign at this point for missing this deadline.

While reviewing my competitors’ disclosures, Gregg McArthur’s didn’t make sense to me. According to his disclosure, at that point in his campaign he had not brought in any donations, paying $1005 out of pocket on Signs, Brochures and Email Marketing. He did claim his expenditures were very low due to signs reused from the last time he ran. I was extremely frugal, but still spent over $1,500.00 just in signs. And while my expected donations didn’t pan out, I still had a few people seek me out to donate small amounts. I just didn’t buy what I was seeing. I brought up my concerns to a few individuals, but for the most part just sat on this, as I had no evidence of malfeasance.

As a candidate, if you did not make it past the primary, you needed to submit a final financial declaration in early October. Just before that deadline, Gregg McArthur declared he was dropping out of the race. When I checked the second set of disclosures, his was missing. Earlier this week, those that did make it onto the general election needed to submit their second disclosure for the primary. That record was published yesterday, October 27. Gregg’s was missing.

When I asked the city staff about it, it was stated that his was left out to remove confusion, since he was no longer running. I asked to see his disclosure, since it was public record, and was given access to it under the GAMA request laws.

His second disclosure shows no donations, and he spent an addition $450.00 on his primary campaign.

You may be thinking, “why is he spending any time at all on this, since Gregg is no longer in the running”? It’s a valid question. Here’s why. Either he was not honest in his disclosures, and city administration is giving him a pass. Or his move to run and drop out was completely premeditated, and was a legal form of voter manipulation. I honestly think it’s the latter.

So, aside from the moral implications, why bring this up? If this was premeditated, as I believe it was, then those around him were aware of the plans, and supported his actions.

The simple fact that Steven Wade donated $3,000 between Steve Kemp, Danielle Larkin and Wendi Buckly. Don Ipson donated $3,500 between the same group. Southern Utah Home Builders Association donated $9,000 between Jimmie Hughes, Steve Kemp, Danielle Larkin, Steve Jennings and Wendi Buckly. Yet, between these groups, none of them said, “Hey Gregg, I’ll give you some to.” Sorry, don’t buy it. Unless Gregg told them not to bother.

The more facts that come out, the more I don’t believe Gregg dropping out was a last minute, “I’m too busy” move. The evidence shows a forethought to intentionally manipulate the voting public. The only real question is who supported and/or encouraged Gregg in doing this.

Be very careful who you choose to support in this election. Morality matters. Integrity matters.

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