Strong Support

August 28, 20230

Here we are, the final week of the primary. We’ve been moving so fast in this campaign, I haven’t had the time to express my deepest appreciation for those who have supported me in getting this far. From the wonderful community members I’ve had deep discussions on politics and policies with, to some of my fellow candidates who I never met before, that I now consider friends.

And of course, without the love and encouragement of my family, especially my wife, whom I’ve had to depend on, even more than usual, I wouldn’t have made it past the first week of the campaign. This campaign trail, with it’s many ups and downs, has also been filled with many late nights, missed dinners, and other family events. Thank you for stepping up, and pushing me even further in this race.

They are my biggest reason for running for office. I truly believe if corrective courses aren’t made soon within the city, my children will not be able to afford to live here. The social dynamic could possibly change to the point where they wouldn’t want to live here. They are my biggest cheerleaders and champions. They make this all worth it.

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